Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic is a special training program introduced and improved by Melik Duyar, the founder and former chairman of MEMORIAD™ World Mental Olympics. The program uses mental arithmetic and memory techniques along with IQ games to promote the brain development of children between the ages of 5 and 12. It creates synergy in the brain by combining the techniques mentioned.


Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic program enables children to overcome their prejudice on mathematics by making the learning process enjoyable and teach them how to activate both left and right hemispheres of their brain simultaneously. It helps the children to develop;

  • High Concentration
  • Advanced Listening Skills
  • Advanced Capacity of Analytical Thinking
  • Skills of Fast Mathematic Operations
  • Powerful Imagination
  • Speed Learning
  • Easy Concentration
  • Enhanced Memory Power
  • Advanced Capacity of Creative Problem Solving
  • Ability of Self- Expression
  • Fast Brain Development
  • High Self-Esteem

Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic system uses numbers as tools to make the children accomplish the defined objectivesby improving the functions of imagination power of the right brain. Because of this the children must be familiar with numbers to join Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic training program.

The aim of the program is simply to improve the child’s creative problem solvingcapacity by making him use his imagination power.For example, the child quickly gets that the operation “98 + 98 + 98” is the same as three times “100 – 2”. In this way, it turns into a more simple operation instead of “adding 98 to 98” and “adding 98 to the obtained result” again. As a result, the child is encouraged to recognize that the operation in question is simply “the same as subtracting 6 from 300”. It is a simple example suggesting what intelligence means. In this sense, the system helps the child to improve the skills of how to use intelligence and fast thinking.

The improvement in the child’s creative problem solving capacity using his imagination power enables him to make arithmetic operations faster than a calculator by empowering his mathematical abilities.

If you also think like the people who argue that “Why is there a requirement for such a system as there are already calculating machines?, it is suggested that you know the aim of the system is not teaching children to make the operations faster; in other words, the system helps the children to improve their intelligence, the capacity of memory, thinking, concentration and learning. Making operations faster is a byproduct of the process since arithmetic and numbers are used as the means of training in this system. That is, being able to make operations faster is just the tip of the iceberg.

SPOKEN ANZAN™ and FLASH ANZAN™ exercises in the training program empower the children withreading fast, perceiving and conveying what they read and listen to more easily by helping them to improve their aural and visual senses.

In order to accomplish the objectives of the system, it is necessary to make regular and systematic revisions extending over time. It is satisfying for the children to study and make revisions online daily for 15 or 20 minutes. They need to use their “User Name”and“Password”supplied by the licensed Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic Training Centers.


The whole Training Program iscomposed of the following trainings;

  • Fingermath™
  • Mega Soroban™
  • Spoken Flash Anzan™
  • Visual Flash Anzan™
  • ImaginaryAnzan™
  • IQ Games™

The Program is operated in three age groups;

  • Age Group 5 – 6
  • Age Group 7 – 8 – 9
  • Age Group 10 – 11 – 12

The complete program includes 4 different modules. Each module is composed of 48 hours lasting 14 – 16 weeks, or almost 4 months. That is, it lasts 2 years to cover all the program with 4 modules. It is recommended that the students complete at least the first two modules to benefit from the program, which lasts for almost one year.

The training courses are organized in two different periods as “StandardCourses”, parallel to school terms, and “Intensive Summer Courses”. IntensiveSummer Courses are mainly organized in summer for the children whose school programs do not enable them to join the courses during the year for any reason.

Standard Courses Parallel to School Terms:
These courses are parallel to school programs and organized in two periods during the year. Each course is organized for a different term; it might be parallel to the first or second semester in the school year. The courses are carried out on week days or at weekends in “3 class hours” per week. There are no courses during the summer for this group, but there can be preparation sessions in summer for the children who would like to join the competitions.

Intensive Summer Courses
These courses are organized for the children who missed the program during the year because of their intensive school programs and who will be able to join the program in summer. Intensive courses are presented in "four (4)" or "six (6)" class hours a week; they are organized as 48 class hours” lasting two or three months during summer.


Mathematics teacher Ibrahim Bilen (from Northern Cyprus)
(Student : Dila Bilen)

Housewife Nurgül Paksoy from Turkey
(Student : Elif Sude Paksoy)


Each student joining the Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic Training Program is supplied with a password for the online system and training materials free. Please, do not hesitate to ask for all these materials from the licensed Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic Training Center. If you do not have a password for the online program offered, the program cannot help you.

Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic Announcement!
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(Attention! The Picture of the computer is just used to refer to the online password.)


(Attention! The Picture of the computer is just used to refer to the online password.)


Why is it necessary to learn the Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic system?

Most people may wonder “Why dowe and our children need to put ourselves into trouble by making mental calculations although we already have calculators?” Here is the answer for the first part of the question; “A lot of people who already have cars go to fitness clubs or go running to get or stay physically fit. Can we ask these people, “Why do you put yourself into trouble by running although you have cars?” Like fitness clubs helping people to be or get physically healthy, “Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic” is a great program which helps the brain to stay fit and healthy by trainings and exercises. Scientific researches show that there is a direct relation between dealing with numbers and brain development.

The second part of the question implies that mental arithmetic along with memory techniquesis a very hard work for the children, but it is not right. If you try to study mental arithmetic by means of the techniques given at school, you will certainly get exhausted and cannot work it out. The techniques taught at school are both hard and not suitable for the development of the brain. Those school techniques do not let the brain create synergy and they just make you use only one part of your brain.

What is important is to use the techniques which develop the brain to do mental arithmetic operations without tiring it. At this point, “Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic” introduced by Mega Memory Center™ gets involved in the learning process. The aim of the system is not to teach the arithmetic techniques given at school but to improve the children’s brain, memory skills, intelligence, their fast thinking and critical problem solving abilitiesby activating both sides of the brain.

What does it mean to do operations by using both hemispheres of the brain?

As we all know, the brain is composed of two hemispheres as right hemisphere and left hemisphere. The skills that each of the hemisphere is able to do are different. Most people use their left hemisphere more dominantly in daily and school life. This is because the schools follow a curriculum making the children use their left hemisphere much more than their right hemisphere which is rarely involved in the operations. This leads the right hemisphere to getunproductive, which means the synergy it supplies is not used. The system of “Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic”, introduced by Mega Memory Center™, makes the right hemisphere involved in the process. In other words, it profoundly promotes the brain development.

How are the trainings presented in the system of Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic?

The advantage of learning is that the system of “Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic” follows a trainer- centered approach in teaching involving both the right and left hemispheres. Every week, the teacher teaches the techniques to students by combining all the visual, oral and kinesthetic techniques together supported by fun activities.

Teaching is carried out not in a typical monotonous class setting rather than in an enjoyable environment. Trainings are supported by enjoyable IQ games, so learning process never gets a burden for the students. In other words, the weekly learning hours are a kind of mind sportor play time for the fresh developing brains.

The training is supported by IQ games and online brain exercises. The trainer can follow the activities and the progress of the students online.

Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic training system is a pro-active system, that is, it is a system of learning by playing and entertaining. As a result, the ambition of learning is revealed in the children and they are highly motivated.

Can our children benefit from the system of Anzan™ Mega Arithmetic™?

Yes, by taking the effect of the right hemisphere into consideration, Anzan Mega Arithmetic training system helps the children to develop mathematical thinking skills, do operations fast by comprehending, and learn all kinds of subjects faster.




(“Anzan Mega Arithmetic” Students in Memoriad 2015 Turkey Open Mental Arithmetic Championship)