Anzan Mega Arithmetic™ is a special training program introduced and improved by Melik Duyar, the founder and former chairman of MEMORIAD™ World Mental Olympics. It consists of Fingermath™, Mega Soroban™, Anzan™, IQ Games™ and Mega Memory™ techniques. The program uses mental arithmetic and memory techniques along with IQ games to promote the brain development of children between the ages of 5 and 12. It creates synergy in the brain by combining the techniques mentioned. The whole systemis composed of online and in-class training programs for children of 5 - 6, 7 - 8 and 10 – 11 - 12 age groups.


  • Fingermath™: Scientific researches have shown that there are important connections in the brain between the part where arithmetic operations are carried out and the partthat is used to control fingers.Fingermath™, developed by Mega Memory Center™, both activates the part of the brain where arithmetic operations are carried out and the hippocampus, which controls the brain recording system.
  • Mega Soroban™: People have developed numerous techniques to be able to do mathematical operations and they have transformed these techniques into instruments. “Soroban”, the most developed form of abacus, is the most suitable tool to improve the imagination power in the brain. Recent researches have proved that using the power of imagination in mathematical operations increases the potential use of the brain by activating both hemispheres. Mega Memory Center™ has introduced the online “Mega Soroban™” system as a tool both to improve the imagination power of the brain and to use that power in mathematics.
  • Anzan™: Anzan™ is a sytem where the imagination power is actively used in the brain by transforming the numbers into images in high speeds. By means of this system, the left hemisphere of the brain , where the numbers are stored and the right hemisphere of the brain where the imagination power is used, work together. When the functions of both hemispheres of the brain are used together and in harmony, learning, memory power and concentration processes reach the maximum level in the brain.
  • IQ Games™: Games are the ideal means of learning for children and the IQ Games™ are a good tool to improve the IQ of the children. IQ Games™ are used not only to improve themental abilities ofchildren (like developing strategies, making inferences, spacial and 3D thinking) but also to prepare them for their future lives.
  • Mega Memory™ Techniques: The aim of these techniques is to improve the learning and memory power in the brain. The system also increases the number of the snap connections among the brain cells.


Anzan Mega Arithmetic™ program enables children to overcome their prejudice on mathematics by making the learning process enjoyable and teach them how to activate both left and right hemispheres of their brain simultaneously. It helps the children to develop;

  • High Concentration
  • Advanced Listening Skills
  • Advanced Capacity of Analytical Thinking
  • Skills of Fast Mathematic Operations
  • Powerful Imagination
  • Speed Learning
  • Easy Concentration
  • Enhanced Memory Power
  • Advanced Capacity of Creative Problem Solving
  • Ability of Self- Expression
  • Fast Brain Development
  • High Self-Esteem.


The complete program includes “4”different training modules to be completed in two years. Each module normally lasts 14 – 16 weeks. Online courses are presented in 3-hour sessions a week for four months. The students must do online exercises almost 15- 20 minutes every day. It is recommended that the students complete at least two modules to benefit from the program.

At the end of each module, the level and the improvement of the students’ are assessed by some tests. Online practises both make the students get interested in arithmetics and mathematics and improve their memory power and the capacity of speedlearning.

The training courses are organized in two different periods as “Standart Courses” which are parallel to school terms and “Intensive Summer Courses”. Intensive Summer Courses are mainly organized in summer for the children who are not able to join the courses during the year for any reason. Intensive Summer Courses are organized for only children of 7-12 age group. The age group of 5-6 can only join the “Standart Courses”.

Standart Courses Parallel to School Terms:
These courses are parallel to school programs and organized in two periods during the year. Each course is organized for a different term; it might be parallel to the first or second semester in the school year.The courses are carried out on week days or at weekends in “3 class hours” per week. There are no courses during the summer for this group, but there can be preparation sessions in summer for the children who would like to join the competitions.

Intensive Summer Courses
These courses are organized for the children who missed the program during the year because of their intensive school programs and who will be able to join the program in summer. Intensive courses are presented in "four (4)" or "six (6)"class hours a week; they are organized as 48 class hours” lasting two or three months during summer.


The objectives of each module are planned as follows;

Year 1 - Module 1

Introductory studies and exercises on Fingermath™, Mega Soroban™, Anzan™ and IQ Games™ take place in this module. The introductory courses on Mega Arithmetic concepts given during this period form the base of the program. The mechanics of Fingermath™, Mega Soroban™, basic terminology and particularly, “addition” are planted in the minds of the students. At this level, the children begin to conceptualize the related numbers and specific movements by his/her fingers and soroban. They are gradually trained on how to use their imagination power. They are also provided with different methods and views about the system of problem solving and about different subject matters as well as learning by IQ Games™.

This module can only be applied for 8 months in the age group of 5 - 6, and it lasts almost 4 months forthe children aged 7 and above to provide different improvement levels.

At the end of this module, the children at the ages of 5 – 6 are able to do fast addition operations with numbers between 0 – 99 and to use their imagination power accordingly. The children who are over 5 -6 can do operations with numbers “0 - 999” and also use their imagination power.

Year 1 – Module 2

The second module is a new step for the children to becomegradually skilled in Fingermath™, Mega Soroban™, Anzan™ and IQ Games™. The use of imagination power stables in their minds more. In this module, a base is built for the right brain; mixed addition and subtraction operations by Mega Soroban™ and Fingermath™ techniques are used as facilitators forthis process. The skills of making inferences and developing strategies are improved through IQ games.

This module is applied for almost 8 months in the age group of 5 - 6 and it lasts about 4 months for the children aged 7 and above to provide different improvement levels.

At the end of this module, the children at the ages of 5 – 6 are able to do fast additions and subtractions with numbers between 0 – 99 and to use their imagination power accordingly. The children who are over 5 - 6 can do operations with numbers at least from “0” to “999” and use their imagination power. In this period, spoken and visual Anzan™ are intensely used to improve concentration and fast imaginations. The children start to use their imagination power and the techniques of mental arithmetic that are going to be improved more in the following modules.

Year 2 - Module 1

When the students acquire self- confidence and the skill of high concentration through Fingermath™, Mega Soroban™, Fast Anzan™, the concept of multiplication, multiplication table and memory techniques are also put into practice in this period, which will be of great help in their school life. During this period of training, the children begin to discover how they will use their memory effectively

This module and the higher modules are practical for the children aged 7 and above. So, the children aged 5 and 6 are not allowed to join the courses in this module and the following modules.

In this module, the children go on with fast mental additions and subtractionswith one, two and three-digit numbers. Their fast mental arithmetic skills are improved at advanced level in this period through Imaginary Anzan™. They are introduced with multiplication table, rhytmic additions,and they are also provided with the basics of mental multiplication for their improvement at advanced levels.The multiple snaptic connections in the brains of the children are improved using Photographic Memory Techniques™ and Memory Pegs™ which are prepared for children. Also, the children are taught the basic practises of using memory techniques.

Year 2 - Module 2

This moduleprovides the students with specializing on memory techniques and high concentration. Imaginary Anzan™ exercises maximize the use of imagination power and concentration of the students. As a result, they can do two and three-digit operations easily, and their self-confidence increases amazingly. The children who mastered multiplication operations in the previous module are also led to do operations on divisions and use Photographic Memory Techniques more extensively by increasing the number of memory pegs.